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The mission of NWAG is to serve our local community as well as our country Nigeria, through empowerment, cultural enrichment, and education of women, youth and children, thereby fostering togetherness and excellence in our collective pursuits


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Every year, the Nigerian Women Association recognizes a Nigerian Woman who through their selfless ...
Every year, the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia recognizes a non Nigerian individual who through their...
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Angel Tree

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning as a child and there is total silence, the room is dark and you run as fast as you can to the tree that the Matron.. Read more

Beacon of Hope

In 2003, NWAG launched a bold new campaign we call The Beacon 100 to raise funds to support childrenBeacon of Hope in various orphanages in Nigeria.. Read more

The Morning Star

The Morning Star brings hope and light at the break of dawn. No matter how dark life becomes, the Morning Star opens the doors to the possibilities.. Read more

President Address

NWAG celebrates its 22nd Anniversary of positively transforming the lives of women, youth and children in our local Metro Atlanta Community and Nigeria in the year 2021!
It is my distinct honor and privilege to introduce to you the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG). NWAG is a group of accomplished individuals from various professional callings, who have agreed to harness their ...
Emelia Orubele (President)

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Emelia Orubele

Director CNU Medical Institute

Theresa Abak Ibebunjo

Vice President
Owner, Novell LLC

Monica George-Komi

Associate Director of Admissions at Emory University

Adenike Oshin

Associate Secretary

Chinwe Ozulumba

Environmental Specialist at EPA

Ifey Okpala

Financial Secretary
Certified Public Accountant

Tolani Oshikoya


Dr.Stella Etta

Cobb County School System
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