2012 NWAG/National Black Art Festival Participation

2012 NWAG/National Black Art Festival Participation

This year’s 2012 NBAF took place at the  Centennial Olympic Park. It was a 3 day spectacular event participation for NWAG.  This year NWAG booth was close to the children’s village with three (3) organizations in the same booth, given way to communication among other member organizations/participant.

On the first day, Friday, July 13th, NWAG booth was visited by about 300 children from various Daycares and Camps. The children loved making the African drums and bracelets. It was a hit among the children that participated. The children took part in the construction and building of the drums and bracelets. NWAG ran out of the items needed for building and construction of drums and bracelet on the very first day of event; and hence, had to close their booth early. It was a huge achievement for the association and those that attended.

On the second day, Saturday, July 14th, 2012 of the NBAF, over 32 kids and 18 adults stopped by NWAG tent and also participated in the creative work of building more drums and bracelets. It was an eye-opener for kids that were eager to learn more about African culture and entertainment. There was also music to keep all entertained. NWAG had a cultural displays, songs and dance.

On the last day of the festival which was Sunday, July 15th 2012, there were students and guests from all works of life. NWAG ladies had fun mixing with the attendees, and entertaining all. It was a time to unit and bring laughter to all in attendance. Kids and adults had opportunity to make more necklace, drum and designs.   Tent visitors left with self-made drums, necklace and Nigerian flag. There was also opportunity to translate songs to few of our visitors (special requestJ).

At the end of the three day event, Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) had a blast. They were glad that the children eagerly participated and wanted to do more. But like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end! NWAG use this opportunity to thanked the organizers of the National Black Art Festival for allowing us to collaborate with them as before; and look forward to participating next year 2013 when NBAF celebrates its 25th anniversary. Until then, stay blessed.