The education committee is responsible for the WAZOBIA INIITIATIVE whose purpose is to share and showcase the rich and diverse culture of Nigeria through school and community outreach. This committee also supports youth development and academic excellence by awarding scholarships to female University students in Nigeria and high school seniors in the Atlanta area.

Since 2000, NWAG members have visited an average of four schools a year for outreach presentations. The presentation is a variety of age appropriate activities from a Social Studies-curriculum based power-point presentation, fashion show, show and tell cultural display, folktale and story-telling, and interactive question and answer session, depending on the audience. In addition, the Education Committee coordinates the annual WAZOBIA Sunfest during the summer. This is a summer enrichment program open to young people ages 5-15 to learn about Nigeria. The children learn about the history, languages, education system, ethnic groups, traditions, arts, craft and other cultural aspects associated with Nigeria, all of which they are tested on, before the day ends

NWAG believes that good health is the foundation for giving effective service to humanity. This committee helps to disseminate health information to members, they coordinates the annual health fair and is responsible for the coordination of the shipment of medical supplies to Nigeria.

Human Relations
This committee supports the wellbeing of members. We believe that a healthy, happy and content membership makes for a successful and accomplished organization. They provide support for members’ birthdays and other milestones celebrated by members and their families. They are also responsible for members’ development by organizing the yearly retreat.
This committee assists in recruiting and training new members. In order to continue the NWAG legacy, we seek and encourage new members to join our organization. This committee ensures that new members are effectively integrated into the organization and that they understand the history, the core values and the mission of the organization

This committee fuels the engine of our organization. Their sole responsibility is to find resources to fund our many programs. They are responsible for the planning of the Annual Awards Banquet that attracts over 700 people every year. They are responsible for all the other fundraising initiatives that are designed to diversify our funding sources and to bring added resources to the organization.

Public Relations
This committee is the voice and face of the organization. They help to articulate the mission, programs and vision of the organization to the outside world. They help to publicize all the events of the organization.

Nigerian Women Association of Georgia
“Together We Achieve”