OYO State Medical Mission

OYO State Medical Mission

Representatives of Oyo State Government,   May 15, 2017

Oyo State Nigeria

Greetings from the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) to Your Excellences and the People of Oyo State! We would like to congratulate you on this historic occasion of the formal and official handover of the Medical Supplies sent from Atlanta Georgia as a result of the collaboration between our esteemed organization; NWAG (the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia), MedShare International in Atlanta Georgia and the Oyo State Government in Nigeria.

This shipment of medical supplies to Oyo State marks the 5th container shipped by the Nigerian Women Association in Atlanta Georgia, to benefit our people back home in Nigeria. The previous 4 containers of medical supply worth over $1 million benefited12 community hospitals in 11 states in Nigeria.

NWAGis a service oriented non-profit organization founded in the year 2000 in Atlanta Georgia, USA, with a commitment to serving women, youth and children in our communities in Nigeria and Georgia. In addition to the medical supplies , NWAG currently NWAG supports 12 orphanages in 11 states & FCT in Nigeria, has awarded 48 scholarships to high school seniors in Georgia, and 470 scholarships to female college students representing 36 states and FCT in Nigeria. In addition, we collaborate with other Nigerian organizations in Georgia and volunteer with non-profit organizations in Georgia, as well as support institutions that cater to the specific needs of members of our community. NWAG also conducts outreach programs to schools in Metro Atlanta in order to promote the Nigerian culture and close the cultural gap between our various cultures. More information on NWAG, is available on our website at www.nwag.org.

Thank you again for working with us, and we pray that the supplies will go towards taking care of the under privileged and deserving people of Oyo State.


Stella E. Etta (Ed. D.)

President, NWAG Together, We Achieve