Special Initiatives

Special Initiatives

NWAG offers many opportunities for you to get involved in our efforts to make a difference by donating through any of our special projects. Please read about our special projects below.

Please click here  to make a donation. You will be prompted to enter amount and purpose on the Donations page. 

Angel Tree

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning as a child and there is total silence, the room is dark and you run as fast as you can to the tree that the Matron in the orphanage had managed to put up and there is nothing under the tree because a lot of the resources in the orphanages go towards the basic needs of the children.

There are no leftovers for toys or other “non essentials”. That was why the Angel Tree Campaign was launched to make sure that no child in any of the orphanages we sponsor goes without a toy on Christmas morning. You cannot imagine the joy this simple gesture has brought to the faces of the children we serve.

We believe we can even do more because of your generosity.

Beacon of Hope

In 2003, NWAG launched a bold new campaign we call The Beacon 100 to raise funds to support childrenBeacon of Hope in various orphanages in Nigeria. Many of these children have been residents of these orphanages since birth. The orphanage and the kindness of strangers are all they know.

Many of you responded by donating generously to this campaign and we are proud to say that NWAG now supports ten orphanages in Nigeria. Click for a list of orphanages

How can you be a part of this movement? By donating fifty dollars ($50) or more in honour of or in memory of a loved one. In return, you and your loved one will be recognized with a custom-made certificate at our annual fundraising event in June.
Thank you for your generous support and for being a BEACON OF HOPE to many.

The Morning Star

The Morning Star brings hope and light at the break of dawn. No matter how dark life becomes, the Morning Star opens the doors to the possibilities. NWAG invites you to become a Morning Star to the families we serve.
Your generous donation of $500 or more will:-

  • Pay for NWAG scholarship for a female University Student in a Nigerian university.
  • Sponsor an orphanage for one year
  • Buy supplies for women in a Nigerian Hospital
  • Buy supplies for children in a Children’s Ward in a Nigerian Hospital

All you have to do is pick your cause and we will do the rest. We will give you an annual report of your investment. You will be kept informed of our progress. We will also present to you your very own MORNING STAR PLAQUE as a symbol of our appreciation and this will be a constant reminder that you, like the Morning Star are breaking through the darkness of poverty, hopelessness and despair to bring joy and hope to others. What a feeling!