Other Honorees

Other Honorees

Every year, the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia recognizes individuals who through their selfless service, have made a difference in the lives of Nigerians at home and abroad. The honorees are recognized in different categories during the Annual Fundraising and Awards Banquet.
  • Other Honorees
  • 2018 Vanguard Award

    Dr. Elisha Attai

    Service to humankind. Gender Parity. An informed people. Equality of mankind. These words begin to describe Dr. Elisha Attai and the lenses through which he sees the world. Dr. Elisha Attai is a media, communications and public relations practitioner and publisher. A strong advocate for the development and advancement of the African woman, he is the President/Founder of the African Women in Leadership Organization (AWLO) and the initiator/organizer of the famed African Women in Leadership Conference (AWLC), a global movement of Women of African descent changing the narratives of leadership in the world.
  • 2019 Unsung Hero Award
    Mr. & Mrs. Marshal Fintan are both nurse practitioners. They specialize in pediatric nursing care. They both manage a pediatric home health care in Houston, Texas which provides jobs to many qualified registered nurses. From 2015 – 2018, the couple has donated millions of naira of their income to the poor and the needy youths, single mothers, elderly and widows. From 2015 to 2018 the couple has spent millions of naira of their personal income to support this ministry in their village communities in Imo State, Nigeria. From 2015 – 2018, every Dec. 26th , the couple hang out banners announcing the event to the village community alerting people to gather somewhere to receive these proceeds in the form of financial supports , food, drinks and 1 piece of George or Ankra fabric per person as part of their Christmas celebration gift. Last year they donated 1 million naira to the village community leaders to be used for scholarship awards to indigent youths in support of their university education. The couple also gives money to indigent jobless college graduates to assist them tin starting trading businesses. They bought used transportation vans for needy persons to help them start transportation businesses of their own. In United States they donate to Nigerian community associations that provide similar services in Nigeria.
  • 2018 Unsung Hero Award

    Dr. Mohammed Ladan

    He was employed at CVS as a pharmacist in charge (PIC) for over 25 years. He assisted with the Atlanta cardiology group as a consultant in drug investigation for hypertension among African Americans. He contributed to the Head Start program as an advisor to educate parents and children on the dangers of drug and opioid use. As an advocate and proponent of education, he mentored many interns and was instrumental in spearheading the scholarship program for indigent students in Northern Nigeria.

    In addition to his contributions to the field of pharmacy and education, Mohammed has labored tirelessly to improve the lives of Nigerians in Suleja by donating medications to clinics, by contributing diagnostic equipment, by assisting the Meba foundation with diabetic supplies and educational literature and by providing a continuous water supply to the people in Suleja.

    In recognition of his immense contributions to health in Niger State, he was bestowed with the Chieftaincy title of Wakilin Maganin Zazzau of Suleja. The title was bestowed on him by the Emir of Suleja and the Chairman of Suleja Emirate Council, Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim. He was turbaned at the Emir Palace in 2014.

    Dr. Ladan’s most notable contribution to the Nigerian community is his weekly health program to sub-Saharan Africa on Voice of America (Health Matters in Hausa). He collaborated with colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta during the Ebola crisis to formulate a PSA in Hausa and English.

  • 2016 - Award of Excellence
    Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano fondly referred to as “Nne Anambra”, the wife of the Governor of Anambra State and founder of CAFE (Caring Family Enhancement Initiative) will be honored with the “Award of Excellence” for her tireless work with Children with special needs, people with disabilities and Widows. This year’s gala will also feature several cultural entertainment groups as well as opportunities to experience Nigerian culture, and new NWAG members will be inducted into its fold as this is an organization that lives and breathes the code of “Together We Achieve”.
  • 2015 Unsung Hero

    Arch. Mrs.Olufunmilayo Elizabeth Gbemudu is an Architect by training, building contractor and consultant, PRINCIPAL PARTNER REHOB CONSULT NIG. LTD. She was born in Kogi State in Nigeria, is married with 4 children.

    Arch. Mrs. Olufunmilayo Gbemudu is one of the pioneers in her field with a master’s in Architecture. She has worked with top Architectural firms like Adeniyi Coker in her early years in the industry, but rose quickly working on key architectural designs and supervising briefs, with load of experience she opened her own firm. With the love and support of her husband she has over 50 completed major projects and still counting. She has been able to joggle her role as a partner wife, mother of 4 kids so well and finds time to show compassion to needs of those around her.

    The quality that makes Funmi an unsung hero is her philanthropic nature. For instance, on her birthdays she picks a project to help the needy and ask her friends and family to donate to achieve that goal in place of her birthday gifts.

    One of the places she goes to is the orphanage centers. She prayed to God to direct her on what to give on her 40th birthday. She was at a conference where she met Mrs. Biobele Odeshola who runs an orphanage out of a rented building in Miatama Abuja, which struck home. After this meeting she felt led to donate a Building to the orphanage to get them out renting a space to owning their permanent location. To Gods glory she was able to build and commission the main building on the morning of her 40th birthday. During the celebration of her birthday she asked her guests, friends and family members for their support and the response was overwhelming to the point that she has been able to complete that project and donated the buildings to the “The City of Refuge Orphanage in Abuja, Nigeria.

  • 2015 - Award of Excellence

    Mrs. Amaka Nwabichiri is a real estate developer and the CEO of AMAX Properties Ltd, also the President and Chief Responsibility officer of Ada Zion Foundation, a philanthropist arm of her ministry aimed at reaching the less privileged in the society.

    Amaka was born in the humble town of Eziagu, Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State of Nigeria. Ada Zion as she is fondly called by her close friends was a one time student of political science at the University of Abuja in the Federal capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria. However, Mrs Amaka’s success story isn’t that gained from the four walls of the University rather it is that of shear heart and courage in an unfailing God.

    Her rise to the top can be simply typified as a journey from grass to grace. Amaka’s philanthropic heart was born out of the several encounters she had with poverty while growing up early in life. Her family was so poor that she could not afford a normal education. She worked very hard, persevered and with faith in God, she made it through to limelight as it is today.

    While growing up, in her teenage years, she became pregnant and was determined to abort the pregnancy but, she had a divine encounter wherein she was told to write whatever she wanted from God in exchange for keeping the baby. She made a “list” of what she desired. She kept the pregnancy and had the baby (a boy). It was tough at the beginning for her to raise the baby boy. She had to overcome several odds in life to survive, ranging from sleeping in an uncompleted building in the slum area of Karmo in Abuja from where she had to hawk “Satchet Water” on the streets in order to get a meal a day for both herself and the child. Her quest for survival led her into hair dressing (weaving hair for women) under the tree (as she could not afford a shop). It was at this juncture that she came in contact with certain women who introduced her to selling of lands in Abuja. She gladly accepted to market their lands and sell such for a fee. This was the beginning of her sojourn into real estate (property development) in Nigeria. As she looks back today, all she continues to say is that, “God has fulfilled His promises beyond my teenage expectations.”

    Today, Amaka is both a real estate tycoon and a philanthropist at heart. She is helping several widows and prostitutes (commercial sex workers whom she picks off the streets). She helps them to become gainfully engaged in any business venture of their choice. This is at the heart of Ada Zion Foundation (a.k.a Daughters of Zion Foundation).

    Mrs Amaka has been instrumental in carrying out other some community-based and faith-based projects through Ada Zion’s Foundation such as:

    Setting up a Vocational Centre for prostitutes and widows in two under-resourced communities in Karmo – Abuja and Eziagu – Anambra State, Nigeria.
    Drilling of Borehole and providing water for the people of Eziagu Community of Anambra State, Nigeria.
    Provision of landed property (about 6,000m2) for Harvesthouse International Worship Centre, Abuja.
    Providing foodstuff to feed hungary families and lots more.

    Amaka is very passionate about people empowerment. She accomplishes this through her real estate/ properties firm; AMAX Properties Ltd. She has built several properties such that makes housing readily available and affordable for both the upper and the middle class in Abuja, Enugu and Anambra States of Nigeria.

    She is a God-Seeker and a Philanthropist. She is a committed member of and a devoted worshipper at Harvesthouse International Worship Centre, Abuja under the Spiritual Leadership of Pastor Sam Oye.

    Mrs. Amaka is blessed with children and they reside in Abuja.
  • Major James Sellers

    Major James Sellers has served the Atlanta Police Department since 1986. His police experience covers a myriad of positions within the department. From the patty wagon driver in Zone 3, to patrolling downtown Atlanta on foot. From traffic enforcement officer, to a member of the elite RED DOG unit and various positions in between. In 2003 James Sellers was appointed to Major where he currently serves as Precinct Commander in Zone 2. Sellers led his Zone to the Crime Reduction Award for 2007.

    In 1999, while serving as the commander of the Atlanta Police Fraud Unit James Sellers began to notice conflicting information regarding persons of Nigerian origin. He became curious as to which was the most accurate depiction of Nigerians. First he was surrounded by detectives and U.S. federal agents who would make statements that Nigerians were criminals and should not be trusted. Although many of the complicated identity theft cases at that time were perpetrated by Nigerian the idea of putting an entire group into one stereotypical box has never set right with him. He looked for ways to learn more about the Nigerian people and their history. In 2000, he had the opportunity to take an African religion class at Saint Leo University. It was in this class that he studied for the first time the history and culture of the Yoruba people of Nigeria.

    In 2003, a Nigerian police delegation accompanied by The Nigerian consul officer Ms. Jade visited the Atlanta Police Department. Being a detective, he had many questions about everyday life in Nigeria. During that meeting, it was suggested that he come to Nigeria to see for himself what Nigeria was really like. In 2004, that opportunity came! Major Sellers booked a trip at his own expense. He arrived in December and immediately went to the National Museum in Lagos. In the next three weeks, he had visited the area beaches, Ibadan, Osogbo etc.

    He was mesmerized by the images of the people. Reflecting on that trip, he said:” I thought I knew about sharing with others before I travelled to Nigeria, but it is in Nigeria where I learned the true meaning of sharing ones good fortune”. Since that first trip in 2004, he has returned six times each time spending more time with the people he has come to know and love. He has expanded his travels to other states and even spent this last Christmas in Cross River State; enjoying Christmas in Calabar”.

    Major Sellers has used his positive experience to educate others about Nigeria and its people. He always supports the many Nigerian organizations that are working to make a difference in our communities.

    NWAG is Proud to call Major Sellers our friend.
  • Elizabeth Louise Gadsby

    Elizabeth Gadsby is a Primate Conservationist by profession. She Founded, and presently operates, finances and directs the world’s most successful drill program, Africa’s first in situ captive breeding program for an endangered primate. This Project includes community development, habitat conservation, and education & wildlife advocacy components. She is the Co-Founder & Director of Drill Ranch (Nigeria) also Co-Founder & Director of Limbe Wildlife Center (Cameroon).

    Ms. Gadsby has designed & implemented several community-based programs employing hunters as wildlife rangers; also creating activities that unifies disparate communities, through education and protection workshops.

    The co-founder of an organization called Pandrillus, she and others have worked tirelessly to embrace the challenge of preventing the extinction of the highly endangered drill monkey Mandrillus Leucophaeus. Since its inception in 1988, The Pandrillus has also extended its mission to protect Chimpanzees and other wildlife that share the drill’s habitat in the Cross-Sanaga region (Nigerian and Cameroon) with exceptionally high primate diversity.

    Ms. Gadsby has received many awards including the Chevron International Conservation Award, 2005, Whitley Continuation Award, 2003, The 1996 Whitley Award for Wildlife Conservation, 1st Captive Care & Breeding Award, Primate Society of Great Britain, 1996, Semi-finalist The 1996 Rolex Awards for Enterprise.

    Ms. Gadsby now resides in Nigeria. She still comes to visit her parents in Portland, Oregon United States. She has made Nigeria a home away from home, a true friend of Nigeria!

    NWAG is Proud to call Her Our Friend
  • 2009 Vanguard Award
    Dr. Chief, Lady Addy Lazz-Onyenobi

    Dr. Adanna Lazz-Onyenobi, fondly known as Addy founded the Nigerian Women’s Group in Manchester in 2002. Before then, she was the Vice Chair of the Nigerian Community group in Manchester. The vision of the Women’s group is to give the Nigerian women a collective voice to address issues that impact their lives and the lives of their children especially focusing on cultural issues for the children that were born abroad. Addy has worked hard to foster unity and understanding among Nigerian women both in Manchester and in her home town Mbieri, Imo state, in Nigeria.

    As a child rights Advocate, Addy has worked tirelessly in highlighting issues affecting Nigerian children both at home and in Manchester, UK. Nigerian Women’s group, Manchester is now collaborating with other organizations such as AFRUCA (Africans Unite Against Child Abuse) and Stepping Stones Nigeria, to address issues of child trafficking and young victims being branded witches in Nigeria.

    Addy is a senior teaching and research fellow at the School of Education, University of Manchester. She serves on the boards of a number of organizations. Addy is also very active in the church both in UK and in Nigeria. Apart from being the Chairperson of the Nigerian Women’s Group, Manchester, Addy is a member of Bishop’s Council, Diocese of Manchester, Diocesan Board of Education, Youth Panel, A Magistrate, of Greater Manchester City Courts , School Governor, Trinity (C of E) High School, Manchester, Patron, Obazu Progressive Women’s Club, Mbieri, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria to name a few.

    Addy has received many awards and recognition for her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others: They include a chieftaincy title “Ada di oha nma” by HRH Eze Francis Agunwah, Ezi 1 of Ezihitte of Mbieri in 2005. In 2006 she became A Lady of St. Christopher, an award from the church.

    The Manchester City Council awarded her the “Woman of Culture” for the year 2007.

    Addy is blessed with a husband Lazz and four beautiful grown children.

    NWAG is Proud to name Dr Addy Lazz-Onyenibo as our 2009 Vanguard Award
  • 2009 Award of Excellence

    Raymond Aleogho Dokpesi hails from Agenebode in Etsako East Local Government Area in Edo State of Nigeria.

    He attended Wyxsa Szokta Morska Gdynia and University of Gdansk Sopot for his Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Marine Transport Engineering. He lectured in the University Of Gdansk, Poland as Assistant Lecturer in Marine Transport Economics before proceeding to Nigeria at the invitation of the then, Nigerian Head of State who was on State visit to Poland. Upon returning to Nigeria, he held many positions including the Chief of Staff of the Gongola State Government, Managing Director of African Ocean Line Limited, Founder/Chairman- DAAR Communications Limited: Proprietors of the first Independent Radio Station in Nigeria, RayPower 100.5FM, Africa Independent Television (AIT), the first Afrocentric Global Television Station and DAAR Investment.

    Apart from pioneering private radio and global satellite broadcasting, he also revolutionized the sector through the introduction of 24 hours transmission on both radio and television., Through his efforts Africa Independent Television (AIT) became the first African broadcast station to transmit into the United States of America (USA).

    He is a recipient of several national and international awards amongst which are: Dr. Kwame Nkurumah Africa Leadership Award and Gold Medal for Excellence in Business Practice, awarded by the Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice, an organ of the United Nations. Nigeria’s President, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, on Feb 14, 2008 conferred National Merit Award on him; Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR for his numerous contributions to the Nigerian people. NWAG is proud to present Chief Dr. Raymond Dokpesi the 2009 Award of Excellence.

  • 2009 Unsung Hero
    Dr. Martha N. Okafor

    Dr. Martha N. Okafor is currently working with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Satcher Health Leadership Institute, and Emory Global Health in partnership with ANPA on a proposal to strengthen Nigeria health care system so that they can leverage Diaspora asset and improve Nigerian prevention and treatment care systems.

    Her personal interests and focus include Women’s health, maternal and child health and disease prevention from health perspective in addition to child & family welfare and community development.

    On the Nigerian front, Dr. Okafor is involved in the Cervical Cancer screening project. The leading cause of cancer deaths among women in Nigeria is Cervical Cancer. It is also a cancer that can be detected early enough for effective intervention to prevent morbidity and mortality. The absence of effective screening programs in Nigeria leads to the late presentation of the disease resulting in needless deaths. She has conducted Public Awareness Campaigns, Screening Program for early detection – Health Provider capacity building, training and workshops. She has also donated medical equipment and supplies to assist in the early intervention program.

    She supports the Red Cross motherless babies’ homes and also the Catholic Charity homes caring for orphans and abandoned children.

    Dr. Okafor serves on the board of many organizations including American Management Association, Yale University Post Graduate School of Nursing, Georgia State Health Information Technology and Transparency [HITT] Advisory Board – Department of Community Health and Board of Governors, Nimo Brotherhood Society [NBS] America [a Diaspora NGO].

    Dr. Okafor has published many articles and given numerous speaking engagements on public health issues. She has served as consultant to many health related systems including working with

    Argosy University, Graduate Studies Program Development in designing their Masters in Public Health [MPH] program; developing curriculum and courses’ syllabi. Developing innovative Global Health Concept and approach, Public Health policies and practice solutions for Morehouse School of Medicine.

    NWAG is Proud to call award Dr. Martha N. Okafor as our 2009 Unsung Hero
  • 2009 - Award of Excellence
    Professor Augustine O. Esogbue, NNOM. Ph.D., FAS, FAEng

    Nigerian born Professor Esogbue is a community leader and celebrated academician whose career of over 40 years is characterized by a record of firsts including being first black tenured full Professor at Georgia Tech (1977). Professor Esogbue joined the faculty of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in June 1972 as an Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering and in July 1977, he was promoted a Full Professor, with tenure, in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech, the nation’s #1 ranked program of its kind consistently for 19 years. In 1992, he was appointed a Distinguished Visiting Research Professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Professor Esogbue holds the prestigious position of Honorary Professor at Daqing Petroleum Institute, Heilongjiang Province, China.

    Professor Esogbue is recognized today, world-wide, as one of the leading authorities in dynamic programming, fuzzy logic and intelligent control, and the application of operations research and management sciences (OR/SA) methodologies to scheduling and manufacturing, water resources and pollution, healthcare, and problems of developing economies. His expertise and renown span the disciplines of engineering, computer science and applied mathematics, medicine and socio-technical systems fields. He is the author of 5 books, 25 book chapters, over 150 technical publications and nearly 300 technical presentations at conferences and research meetings worldwide.

    In 2007, the Nigerian Academy of Science broke tradition by electing Professor Esogbue to serve the Academy as its first and only non-resident Academic Professor. Professor Esogbue has received numerous awards and also held several high profile international positions including serving as the only non-white and one of only 2 from academia on the distinguished Aerospace Safety Advisory Board of NASA. Professor Esogbue is the 2006 recipient/laureate of Nigeria’s highest national prize, an award of honor and dignity, the Nigerian National Order of Merit Award (NNOM) for academic and professional excellence and for contributions to national and global development. He is the founding Faculty Advisor of the Georgia Tech Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (from 1976 to present) and has worked tirelessly to establish chapters of NSBE internationally but particularly in Nigeria and Ghana.

    In 2006, the City Council of the City of Atlanta, in their citation, honored “Dr. Augustine O. Esogbue, Distinguished Educator, Scientist, Engineer, Technologist and Community Leader and proclaimed “August 16th 2004 as the Dr. Augustine O. Esogbue Day in the City of Atlanta in recognition of his outstanding service and contributions to the City of Atlanta, the State of Georgia and the United States of America”. Professor Esogbue has worked to integrate Nigerian organizations within our host country in the U.S. and has been a major force in helping to bridge the scientific gap between Nigerians in the Diaspora and their counterparts at home. He has been honored by many African and countless community organizations in the United States of America for his leadership, mentorship and community involvement. Professor Esogbue, ever so proud to be black, African and NIGERIAN, holds the traditional honorary chieftancy title of the OZORKILOLO of IBUSA Kingdom recognized by the government of DELTA State, Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is the proud father of Nkem-Michelle Esogbue Okolo, Ethan Chike Esogbue and 5 grand children and a long time friend and supporter of the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG).

    NWAG is Proud to present Professor Augustine O. Esogbue the 2009 Award of Excellence
  • Senator Anyanwu

    Senator Chris N.D. Anyanwu was born in Imo State to Late Hon. N.D. Ukah, a First Republic Member of the Federal Parliament. She had her secondary education at Owerri Girls Secondary School, Imo State before proceeding to the United States where she got a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri, Columbia and M.Sc. in Mass Communication from Florida State University. She was an outstanding TV news Correspondent at Nigerian Television Authority, where she was most notable for work as Petroleum and OPEC Correspondent. She conceptualized and pioneered the production of Newsline, the prime Sunday show on NTA and the longest lasting TV programme in Nigeria.

    She is:

    The first Nigerian female publisher of a weekly national news magazine – TSM.
    The first Nigerian female owner of a broadcast chain (HotFM Abuja, HotFM Owerri and more)
    Former Commissioner for Information, Sports, Youth and Culture in the old Imo State.
    First female Senator from Imo State.
    A two-term Senator representing Owerri Senatorial Zone.
    First Senator re-elected from Owerri Senatorial Zone
    First and only Senator on the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).
    Former Vice-Chairman, Senate Committee on Defence & Army;
    Chairman, Senate Committee on Science & Technology and now Chairman, Senate Committee on Navy.

    She has won many national and international awards, among them:

    International Awards:
    UNESCO Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize. Awards from CPJ New York; CPJ Canada, Rapporteurs Sans Frontier Paris, Washington Press Council

    And in Nigeria:

    National Honours award; Woman of Indomitable Spirit (DAME); This Day Outstanding Women’s Award, Icon Of Media award, Nigerian Green Carpet; Tell Magazine Award for Outstanding Contribution for the Enthronement of Democracy in Nigeria, due to her human rights activism in the military era, for which she was ‘nicely’ slammed with Life imprisonment under Late General Sani Abacha. She however served three years before being discharged by General Abdulsalami Abubakar’s regime.

    She has used the platform of politics to touch lives of rural constituents, offering: Soft loans to women and underprivileged men; University scholarships to indigent bright students; ICT to rural people and skill acquisition for youths. She has also attracted good access roads; clean water for villagers; modern health facilities and much more.

    She is noted for her incisive and insightful contributions on national issues on the floor of the Senate. She has sponsored many bills and motions amongst which are:

    Sexual Offences Bill, 2013
    Nigerian Maritime Security Agency (Amendment) Bill, 2013
    Explosives Regulation and Control Bill, 2013
    Rock Blasting Explosives Demolition Bill, 2012
    Occupational Health & Safety Bill, 2012 (Passed by NASS)

    A Bill for an Act to Amend the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as further amended) to provide for a National Maritime Court that will be charged with the jurisdiction to entertain Maritime causes and other matters connected therewith.

    A Bill for an Act to Criminalize and Punish the Act of Discrimination and Segregation Against Nigerians, 2008
  • Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin

    Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin was born in Zaria, and grew up in Ilorin and started her schooling at St. Barnabas Primary School, Ilorin, later at Queen Elizabeth Secondary School, Ilorin, and School Basic Studies, Kwara State Polytechnic. She later proceeded to the University of Ilorin where she got a BA.ED English and Education in 1987, her M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling and her Ph.D. (History and Policy of Education) in 1996.

    Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin has over 25 years’ experience in Human Rights work in Nigeria. She started out as the Secretary of Women in Nigeria (WIN), Kwara State from 1988 – 1991 and the Coordinator of Women in Nigeria (WIN), Kwara State branch 1991 – 1996; Chairperson, Rethink Nigeria (1987 – 1992) and Chairperson, Committee for the Defense of Human Rights, Kwara State Branch (1990 – 1996). Because of her work in Human Rights activism she was arrested and detained for not less than seventeen times, but she was undaunted and became the Assistant General Secretary of Committee of Defense for Human Rights from 1996-2006, and subsequently the President in July. She is also the Executive Director of the Institute of Human Rights and Democratic Studies, the President of Women Arise for Change Initiative; Chairman, Task Force of the Citizen Forum, Spokesperson, Coalition of Civil Society Organizations and President, Centre for Change in Community Development and Public Awareness(CDP).

    She has received several awards at the national and international levels, too numerous to mention but some of which are: on the nation level, several Hero of Democracy and Good Governance Awards, Development Issues Initiatives Association (DINA) Award, The Defender of Women Award, The Icon of Democracy Award, the National Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) Award, Role Model of the Year Award, several Hero of Democracy Awards, The Defender of Women’s Rights Award by Imo State. Internationally, she has served as Good Will ambassador from Arkansas to the people of nations beyond the borders of the United States, and has been honored by Encomium and Tell Magazines and by the International Institute for Humanitarian and Environmental Law, and the Beacon of Hope Award given by Empower Africa for Change, the Kwame Nkrumah Leadership Award on Humanitarian Services/Icon of Hope, by the West Africa Students’ Union (WASU), among several other awards.In the local level, she has been honored with several Grassroot Awards by Polytechnics and Universities in Western Nigeria, and an Appreciation Award by the National Union of Textile Garment and Tailoring workers of Nigeria (NUTGTWN) among others.

    Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, a tireless and fearless fighter with an inner strength and resilience has an unquenchable passion in the quest for social justice and human dignity, she was been described as “a fearless, fiery champion of democracy and human rights” by a foreign Ambassador to Nigeria, she has traversed courageously where men fear to tread, and she remains an inspiration to both men and women of all ages in the fight for justice and social equality.